Easy step by step installation

It couldn't be easier! A complete installation is a matter of hours and not days. Just follow the step by step guide below and vuola! You're ready to play some music!

Congratulations you have completed your wireles speaker installaion successfully!
    Mount S1

    Mount S1 in the track by pushing the bracket into the groove. Make sure the bracket is in the correct direction.

    Select channel on the red display, it is silent in the speaker, the channel is idle. If there is music then there is another system nearby, then change channel.

    Install Base unit B1

    Connect the selected playback device (computer, tablet, phone, streamingbox) to play at full volume

    B1 should have the same channel (red display) as S1. Change the channel by holding both buttons simultaneously for three seconds, then select channel

    The green display shows the current volume

    Mount Subwoofer TW1

    Install the subwoofer in the lighting rail using the screws. Lock the screws using the external locking screws.

    Make sure the safety wire is locked around the lighting rail

    TW1 should have the same channel as S1 and B1

    Adjust the volume as desired