Frequently asked questions

We strive to answer all questions sent via our website. Feel free to also contact us by email or phone.

How long does it take to install?

Installation is a matter of hours, not days.

Is it possible to extend the system as far as I want?

Yes. With our repeater you can easily extend it from the last speaker.

Can I play wireless from my phone and Ipad?

Yes. If you purchase the Base unit with built in Bluetooth.

Can I have different volume in different parts of the store?

Yes. You can adjust the volume on every speaker individually.

What is the range of the system?

The range is up to 1000m depending on how the rooms are built. No similar system on the market has that long range.

How do I install the system if I don't have tracks in my shop?

You complete with a wall bracket and take power from the nearest outlet

Can the system get interfered by other wi-fi net or mobile phones?

No. The system uses its own frequency called Wireless Local Gateway. This Frequency is approved world wide.

Can I connect the speakers by wire if I need and want to?

Yes. You can connect all the speakers by wire.